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My name is Kyle Hanson, I was born and raised in Dubuque Iowa.  I have always been a very motivated individual, especially when it pertains to my personal benefit. I have learned a lot throughout my life, and I have yet much more to learn. So I decided to create a website, to not only improve my knowledge but to also improve yours.

My older brother Brian is an internet marketer and successfully owns and operates his own call centers and to this day is well known for building many popular websites. Knowing that I have a strong interest and passion for fitness, Brian gave me the opportunity to follow his footsteps and learn from what he knows, which inspired me to build my own website, “Fitness by Kyle.”

When I first began high school I was never very big, and I definitely wasn’t very strong. Not only was I not very big but I was also very sensitive. I often found myself being harassed. And, when I started letting it get to me, it started happening more frequently…sometimes every day.

By the time I was a junior in high school, I had about all I could take with being poked at by others. So I began weight lifting 3 days a week consistently for that whole year. I figured if I grew some muscle that my problem would be solved.

Towards that summer year I began to run every day and eat a better diet. Just by lifting and running I was able to feel good about myself. But my problem was I didn’t know what I was doing. That whole year I thought weight lifting was lifting one of every muscle group; little did I know I was absolutely wrong. I wasn’t noticing any muscle growth, and that is exactly when I realized I had a lot of work and learning to do.

It wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year of high school until I actually began noticing significant results. It all started one day, when I was lifting with my friend Albert. Albert suggested that we should consult with an experienced weight lifter for advice…we thought, why try to reinvent the wheel?

So that’s just what we did, we found a super cool guy at the gym named Tim. He was more than helpful and gave us some killer strategies to improve our workouts, gain more muscle, faster and much easier than before.


Tim also suggested that I visit Supplement City, a local supplement business here in Dubuque. He mentioned to talk to John, the store manager. John wasn’t your typical store manager, he also happened to be a Bodybuilder, and had an incredible background in personal training and sports nutrition. Just from talking to him, I was able to learn a proper diet, a proper workout routine, and most importantly he suggested what supplements I should be taking. He wasn’t your average sales guy…I could tell he genuinely cares about his customers and has a passion for what he does.

Not too long after getting put on the right track, I met another very nice and  experienced weightlifter named Joel, who took me under his wing and began to teach me proper technique and form of weightlifting, and to this very day we still remain good friends and workout partners.

I not only began to realize that training at the gym was a very good way to utilize my time, but it is also a great way to meet very interesting “likeminded” people, and that is exactly why I decided to create this website.

I want to reach out to others who want a change in life. For people who are sick and tired of being average. For people who want to increase their health and confidence. Fitness is a very important step to living a healthy lifestyle and I believe that everybody has the potential to become a better person, both physically, and mentally.


For a Free Consultation on How To Create A “Better You”,

Call Now: (563) 265-2672

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